Wednesday, 1 August 2018

My second round - Teaching as Inquiry

Term 3 started well. I am now going to take a group of girls from Room 10
to be my target group for my teaching as inquiry.  

The reason for taking girls from this room is for helping these girls get more
confident in class and be active participants and contributors to class discussions.
At the moment they are very shy and do not participate fully in class discussions
unless asked to.

My Teaching as Inquiry will be in Reading and Writing
I will be focussing on linking reading and writing to help these students read and
write better.

Reciprocal reading and crafting sentences in their regular writing as authors do
will be the focus.

My hunch:
By learning how writers write (through Reading) for readers to enjoy,
students will be able to identify what writers do and use, to make their writing
enjoyable for a wider audience. This may enable students to write in a better way.

My Inquiry question:
Will reading and writing links provide students the awareness of how to craft
sentences to improve their own writing as the authors do?

I am excited to start with the identified group of six girls. The book we will be
reading first is Music, Magic and Imagination by Jill Eggleton. We will read this book as it relates to the topic study we are doing this term.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

The students in the writing group took their e-asttle writing test at the end of Term 2.  Their scripts were marked and moderated.

I am very pleased with the assessment result.

I am very pleased that within the ten weeks with me, all students made gains and improved their writing levels as mentioned in the table. The two students whose levels stayed the same, did improve their e-asttle score for sure and made slight gains. I am happy to have worked with this group. They made me reflect more deeply on how I was teaching and what I could do better. I loved teaching the students in the group and would miss teaching them next term.

Friday, 29 June 2018

In the last session as the writing group we went over how the students would write any genre in the best possible way using all that they learned while in this group. We went over crafting sentences using adjectives, adverbs, complex interrupters, zig zag sentences, simple, compound and complex sentences, linking ideas within paragraphs and linking paragraphs.

In the last piece of writing the students wrote, they were meant to make sure they crafted their sentences as they wrote. They also had to show me that they used all the different things they learned for crafting their sentences well. Their pieces of writing were extra ordinarily good.

I was so pleased that the students were writing very well.

At the end of our writing group programme, last term, the writing group took a mid year e-asttle writing test.

It will be interesting to see if the students used all that they had learned over the term in their writing test.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

An exciting day at Glenbrae School

On Tuesday 19th June 2018,  Glenbrae School was buzzing with excitement. Students and staff were excited alike. Anyone entering the school was wondering what all the excitement was about. Well, it was the day we all showcased our favourite characters in books we loved reading, most.

The entire school assembled in the hall for a class by class character parade. Room 1 with new entrants and year 1 students looked the cutest dressed up as their favourite characters. Every class paraded around the hall. Students and staff paraded with pride. It was hilarious to see Mrs Ripata, Miss Pauvale and Mr Nath dancing away in their costumes. This was so much fun.

The poetry recitals from each class were so good. Some students spoke clearly and projected their voices. Room 7 students recited poems about refugees and also recited up side down poems. This was interesting enough to keep the audience engaged.

After lunch, we had the Story Line performance that presented fun story telling about how important it is to read and enjoy reading.

The day ended with all of us at Glenbrae still excited and buzzing about the great day we had around reading books and dressing up as our favourite characters.

The writing group was asked to write an article about the events of the day. Students were grouped and assigned parts of the day they had to report about. To see how articles are written in the East and Bays Courier, we accessed the newspaper online and read articles in the newspaper. We then unpacked the structure and language features of the writing an article as a reporter. We discussed who the audience was and what the purpose for writing this report was. After this the students were reminded that after they drafted their parts, they would deliberately craft their sentences and paragraphs to make the writing interesting for being published in the East and Bays Courier.
Students are writing and crafting their portions of the article. Need to finish this and make sure the paragraphs all link, the article is informative and showcases Glenbrae School as a school of choice.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Writing for the East & Bays Courier

The Writing group did a great job and wrote an article to be published in the East & Bays Courier.

Glenbrae School's Book Week Celebrations

I am so proud of the writing group. Davarni Soane-Rakete's story has also been sent to the children's magazine Toi Toi to be published.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Neil Geoffrey's visit

The author, Neil Geoffrey visited the writing group and the other junior classes who enjoyed listening to his story Gassy Goosey and the Hawk that he wrote. What better way to show our students that anyone can be an author if we know who we are writing for and why?

The excited writing group spoke with the author. They discussed what they thought about the book he had written. They asked him questions about the process he used to write his book. They asked him which part of the process he enjoyed the most. The author told the group that he most enjoyed drafting his imaginary, oral stories he made up to narrate to his own children. The other thing he enjoyed was working with the illustrator to make sure the illustrations matched the ideas he had written down.

The author told the writing group to keep writing a lot with an audience and purpose in mind.
He said that there was a lot of joy in writing. He assured the students in the writing group that
they needed to believe in their abilities to write and polish their writing before publishing.

From talking with the author the students did understand that crafting their sentences
deliberately will improve the way they write for an audience.
Our endeavour to work on crafting sentences, made sense for the students
after this great experience.