Thursday, 18 October 2018

This term the students in the group are writing recounts and explanations to revise the genre structure and language features, how to craft sentences for effect, grouping ideas in paragraphs, linking paragraphs appropriately using AAAWWUBBIS, writing compound sentences using FANBOYS, using zig zag sentences and complex interruptors in their writing. This is to jog their memories after the holidays and also as a preparation for e-asttle writing assessment.

3 students are writing a recount of an event they participated in and are proud of themselves.
3 students are writing an explanation about why we need to be sun smart.

Can't wait to see if these students will write interesting recounts and explanations using the knowledge of how to craft their writing.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Crafting sentences

In one of our sessions we went over how the students could write any genre in the best possible way by crafting sentences using adjectives, adverbs, complex interrupters, zig zag sentences, simple, compound and complex sentences, linking ideas within paragraphs and linking paragraphs. We discussed how we could use AAAWWUBBIS (After, Although, As, When, While, Until, Before, Because, If, Since) to connect ideas within paragraphs and between paragraphs. We also discussed how we could convert simple sentences to compound sentences using FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So).

In the  piece of writing the students were working on, they were meant to make sure they crafted their sentences as they wrote. They also had to show me that they used all the different things they learned for crafting their sentences well. Their pieces of writing are being crafted well with the deliberate teaching of how to craft sentences in their writing no matter what genre they were writing.

I was so pleased that the students are writing and beginning to craft their sentences very well.

It will be interesting to see if the students use all that they learning over the term in their writing test.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Writing a narrative deliberately crafting sentences for effect

The target group is now showing so much promise in doing reciprocal reading, making predictions, clarifying meaning of words, phrases, terminology, comprehending text, voicing opinions, discussing the author's style of writing and summarising the text. They are more open to each other leading. The students are able to justify their opinions more confidently. They are able to identify how the author has used words, phrases, sentence beginnings, punctuation to add effect.

This has enabled them to experiment with their writing and deliberately crafting their sentences for effect. I am so pleased they have written some good narratives. The students are proud of the progress they are making in reading and writing.

Student voice has made me feel good because every student in the group has mentioned that their confidence has gone up especially in the way they read, participate in discussions and in the way they are crafting their writing with confidence.

A couple of students are still not very confident to share their writing with others in the group or in their class. Working on this.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Integrating reading and writing

With the new target group I integrated reading and writing with a focus of doing reciprocal reading to enhance participating and contributing - key competencies that students need to develop. The integration was also to enable students to see what real authors do when they write.

Through the reciprocal reading process these students are showing leadership, participating and contributing more confidently and are getting involved in dialogic discussions.

They are also made aware of the writing style of authors, elements they use to make their writing interesting for the readers.

I am excited with this inquiry because these students are enjoying reciprocal reading and discussions around how the authors craft their sentences and paragraphs to make it enjoyable for the readers.

I see promise!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

My new target group

The reason why I chose to work with the new target group is because the students in the new group are less confident participants or contributors in their class room. They are withdrawn, shy and hesitate to be part of dialogic discussions.

We started with a pep talk about being confident participants in class activities and being confident when they share their learning in small or large groups.

The reason I was going to take this group was discussed with the students for buy in to work with me.

The students saw sense in the plan and were enthusiastic participants in our first lesson.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

My second round - Teaching as Inquiry

Term 3 started well. I am now going to take a group of girls from Room 10
to be my target group for my teaching as inquiry.  

The reason for taking girls from this room is for helping these girls get more
confident in class and be active participants and contributors to class discussions.
At the moment they are very shy and do not participate fully in class discussions
unless asked to.

My Teaching as Inquiry will be in Reading and Writing
I will be focussing on linking reading and writing to help these students read and
write better.

Reciprocal reading and crafting sentences in their regular writing as authors do
will be the focus.

My hunch:
By learning how writers write (through Reading) for readers to enjoy,
students will be able to identify what writers do and use, to make their writing
enjoyable for a wider audience. This may enable students to write in a better way.

My Inquiry question:
Will reading and writing links provide students the awareness of how to craft
sentences to improve their own writing as the authors do?

I am excited to start with the identified group of six girls. The book we will be
reading first is Music, Magic and Imagination by Jill Eggleton. We will read this book as it relates to the topic study we are doing this term.